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We provide high-quality wedding & event videography / photography service. We also specialize in special events and seminars.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer only Ceremony or Reception pacakges for 2-4 hours?

    Answer:  Yes, Ceremony or Reception only packages for the LA County area only. 

Do you require a Booking Deposit?

   Answer: Yes, the Booking is non-refundable and ensures our services for your event. 

Why do you have two different types of prices listed?

   Answer:  During the year we offer various Discounts. 

Are there any hidden fees on the Videography Packages?

   Answer: No, our prices include Videographer Service, Editing Service and video delivery.                   The only time our prices change if there is a last minute add-on, location change,                 or request for additional services and staff. 

Do you have insurance?

   Answer: Yes, we carry the States required 1,000,000 - 2,000,000 liability. 

How far in advance should clients book your services?

   Answer: We do not hold dates, nor do we pressure anyone for our services. We like to                    contact the site of your event and the local Airport to get permission for                              our Drone operator. At least 4-6 Weeks in advance. 

How many videographers will be at the event?

  Answer: Depending on your package between 1-3 Videographers

What style of videos do you offer?

   Answer: Traditional, Documentary, Storytelling

In what format do you provide the video?

   Answer: Blu-ray, DVD, H264 (Digital Download) 

Do you charge for travel expenses? How much?

   Answer: There is a $.50 per/mile if your event is outside Los Angeles County.                                  An additional $550 for Las Vegas Weddings.

   Reason: This allows our team to arrive the night to ensure we are on time.

Why do I have to select songs for the video?

  Answer: Everyone is different and has different taste in music. This way our clients get the                  video and songs they requested. 

 Can I post my Wedding Video on Social Media?

   Answer: Yes, if you selected the Killer Track Music Package. The music selected in this                    package allows you to post on any social Meida. If you did not select this option                  Then you are subject to the rules and restrictions of your social media. 

If I have the Videography or Photograpy Agreement is my event date saved? 

   Answer: The only way to secure your event date, is by paying the Booking Deposit. If you                 have the Agreement and it is signed but have not paid the Booking Deposit. You                 can lost your event date.

Why can only the Booking Deposit save my event date?

   Answer: On many packages we have additional team members who freelance at other                      locations. The Booking Deposit locks them in for your event, plus pays for the                      supplies needed to complete your project. 

Why do you only book two Wedding events per month?

   Answer: Because of my TV/Film background and the fact that we film/edit other types of                 projects that are non-Wedding. Having only two Weddings per month allows me                   to prepare and deliver all my projects on time.  

How long does it take for you to complete a Wedding Video?

   Answer: If I have been given all the assets (music, photos, etc...) from the couple:

                 Highlight Wedding Videos :       7 - 14 Business Days 

                 Documentary Wedding Video:   14 - 21 Business Days

                 Narrative Wedding Video:         21-30 Business Days

Why does the Narrative Wedding Video take loner?

  Answer: Just like in Reality TV Shows, I listen to every dialog spoken during your event.                  Then I place words, sentences, moments together, etc... to tell your story. Then                  once I have scene or section, I forward it to my clients for review and allow them                  to preview and give notes of what they like and don't like. This allows my clients                  to be part of the process to help create a video they will cherish a life time. 

How long do we have to give notes?

   Answer: I give my clients 10 Business Days to reply back with notes. If I do not hear back I then start the authoring process to create the DVD or Blu-Ray. Once the authoring process starts, I do not except changes. The authoring process takes 17 hours to prep the video for DVD and 6 hours for Blu-Ray. This is why once the final Post Production process starts there are no changes. 

For Photography, do you charge for touch-ups?

  Answer: No on color blance, facial blemishes and background enhancement.                                        Yes, if asked to remove wrinkles on face/neck, scars, etc... 

Why are some projects delivered later than others?

  Answer: On an advange week, we have 2 other projects either in Pre or Post Production.                  If our client delays turning in music, photos, etc... then thier project is placed at                    end of our production schedule for completion, in order to keep our delivery                          schedule with clients, who have turned in their assets on time.

If turn my music/photos etc... within the sechdule delivery date after my event, will I still get my video on time?

  Answer: This depends, if our clients turn in their music/photos etc... within a day or two                    after the schedule event, yes. We will still be able to deliver your project on time.                If our clients deliver anything after the 3rd day, we can not promise that your                        video will arrive on time.

               This is why we always ask our clients and send reminders to provide all assets                    prior to the event. 


For additional details call us at (877) 740-6410 we would be more than happy to answer your questions and customized a Video Package for you.